Summer Again

It’s summer! School’s out, Covid’s slowing down, and it’s HOT. To stay out of the stifling heat that BC has been experiencing the last couple of days, we’ve been laying low. We moved our regular Sunday afternoon reading meeting call to be set up in our basement, so we didn’t have to be sitting and looking at a computer upstairs where it’s a lot hotter. Mostly we are trying to stick to a schedule, but taking it easy so as to avoid heat exhaustion. The weather’s beautiful though, and would be throughly enjoyed if it weren’t for the air itself trying to make us melt. The good news is we haven’t melted yet. Just sort of…wilted. The mosquitos are enjoying the beautiful weather for us, though. They are enjoying us, too. I can’t even count how many bites I have!

This house has absolutely beautiful afternoon displays.

Despite the heat, we are enjoying our summer. Last Friday we had some guests over, and the week before, as well. Restrictions are easing up, so we’re finally allowed to visit with people inside! Although we still have to be careful and it’s not the same as if there was no Covid, it’s so nice to see people in person like the “old days” : )

Pixie’s “happy face”

Some big things have happened since my last update: Ricka turned 10 on the 11th this month, and school ended for summer break! Oh, and I got my learner’s license and have been practicing!

The birthday dinner setup

Since we moved halfway through the school year, we continued at the high school we attended from the old house, but in September we will be starting at a different school because our house falls under a different school’s catchment zone. I’m happy and sad about this at the same time, sad because I’ll likely never see or talk to any of the people from there again, but happy because I’ll be able to talk to new people! I hope I’ll be an honorable example of what a Christian is.

One of Ricka’s birthday gifts–a playdough ice cream shop set. She loves it!

For Ricka’s birthday, she wasn’t sure for the longest time what kind of cake she wanted, but eventually decided on a book cake. She teamed up with Mama for the design of it, and once again, Mama made a wonderful cake! I can tell you it was good, and even prettier in person! They even cut off the ends of a ribbon and inserted them in both sides of the cake to give the impression of a bookmark!

“Make a silly face, Pixie!”
She wanted a picture of the kitty cat in her hand

Some of Ricka’s plants!

Oh, and we let the orphan baby bunnies we raised go! (Don’t worry, I have pictures)

All ready to go to meeting, matching in purple!
Ricka’s birthday plant collection!
Ricka’s reaction when she saw the dining room we decorated for her birthday dinner
Silly Pixie
The ubiquitous Happy Birthday sign

kitty-cat balloon #3 Numbers 1 and 2 were at her first birthday.
Ricka’s birthday flowers
Pixie was sitting on my lap, and she accidentally bumped my glasses. Once she saw that, she turned around and planted a big kiss on each lens.
PC sighting, June 2021.
You can see her mouth already forming the words “Can I see????”
Playing with Playmobil–PC, Ricka, QB, Butler, and Hal.
Crab Salad for dinner–so refreshing! It was imitation crab, still so good.
My cheerfulness door–kids have been adding verses and such to it. It’s glass, so it can act like a whiteboard if a white paper is taped behind.
I had to take a picture of the sun streaming in from the windows!

I hope your summer is going well!! Stay doubly safe–from covid and this heat!

“Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;” Titus 2:13


  1. Nice post, some big words in here, I’m going to have to look up ubiquitous. 😂 some spelling mistakes too 🤭 love all the pics.


    • Haha! I just went through and fixed the ones I could find–I caught absolutely (which I repeatedly find myself messing up on) and explanatory. 🙂 I actually wasn’t sure myself if ubiquitous was the right word when I was writing the post, but I looked it up, and it actually seemed to fit!


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