Hal’s birthday and an Update

Today is Hal’s eighth birthday. It’s the first birthday of the family since we started sleeping at the new house, and last night mama and I stayed up late blowing up balloons and wrapping presents.

I woke up this morning to mama on the piano. The sound of the piano is stronger at this house, and sounds more beautiful. It carries through the whole house! It was very hard to move from house to house, though. Who knew pianos were so heavy? Well, not me.

This morning for breakfast there will be fresh banana bread, that I baked last night. I was trying to use up bananas before they went bad, so this was my second batch I made in the last two days.

We finally got the invisible fence or the dogs set up all the way! It took us four weeks from start to finish, we had to make a fence around the perimeter of our property, and then set up the dog wire on that. I’m glad its finished, because the dogs are now moved to this house, where they are free to play, safely.

Hopeful dogs… if they’re eeextra good at sitting, maybe it’ll increase their chances of a treat!

Hal’s birthday is going well so far. In a little bit we will open some presents, and his official birthday dinner will be tommorrow. He wanted to have Indian takeout, so we’ll have butter chicken and some other curries. The house is decorated wih balloons and a banner that says Happy Birthday, and it looks really cheerful!

Hopefully I’ll post again soon!

Happy Birthday Hal!

Sunsets at the new house are incredible.
Butler was out with me enjoying the sunset while I took a thousand pictures

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