Birthday Buddies

Lulu and Pixie’s birthdays are less than a week apart.  Now we have a four-year-old and a one-year-old! The first of September was Lulu’s birthday, and Pixie turned one on the fourth. We celebrated their birthdays separately, with a small cake each, but we kept the party decorations up for both birthday dinners.

Lulu’s Birthday:
Lulu loved her birthday! She woke up to Mama playing Happy Birthday on the piano, and came downstairs all smiles, to be greeted with the balloons and the streamers we had put up late the night before while she was sleeping.

She changed into a pretty dress (which she picked out herself), to celebrate her day in style : ) Earlier in the week, we had bought a birthday hat and pin for her to wear on her birthday, and she was very excited when she saw those.

We even had a fancy breakfast planned. Omelette sandwhiches (basically scrambled eggs that we placed two slices of bread into, and then flipped the eggs onto the bread, added omelette toppings, and closed the sandwhich), with blueberries and whipped cream on the side.

One of Lulu’s favorite things about her birthday was her presents. She got quite a few of them, too.

She got a doll, a whole set of doll clothes, sparklers, a treat bag, a giant frisbee, stuffed animals, two separate art sets (one was from grandma) a lot of stickers, including a book full of stickers- I think it said 2,500 stickers,  a collection Ricka and I made, a sticker sheet from grandma, and another sheet in a letter from her aunt in California.

She also recieved five dollars from her Uncle Owl and Aunt K, and an alpaca game which was from our family as well. (she’s tried it out already, and I could hear her squeal with excitement from the other side of the house. To play, you have a limited amount of time to stack various items on the alpaca, before it spits water at you.)

For dinner, we had takeout chinese food, which was delicious. However, I think we bought a little too much food, because we’ve been eating it all week. : )

Lulu wanted a unicorn cake with sprinkles, so that’s what she got! She was thrilled!

To make it extra special, we had a sparkler shaped like a 4 on top of the cake. It was a complete surprise, she had no idea!

Lulu loved the sparkler, although she was a little nervous about it being so close.

I think my favorite part of her birthday was watching her delight and happiness. It was fun to see her so thrilled, her reactions were the best!

She got the icing beater!

Trying out one of her sparklers from her treat bag

Pixie’s Birthday:
It’s hard to believe that we’ve had Pixie for a year! I can still remember the day we got to meet her for the first time.

She’s grown so much in a single year.  She’s walking pretty much all the time, and follows Lulu everywhere. It’s so sweet.

Giving Lulu kisses

Pixie is at a very interactive stage, where you can actually play with her, and she understands what you’re doing, and plays with you. She loves music, and will spend a long time just bouncing to it. She’s so snuggleable (I checked, it really is a word!) and is always smiling: )

Pixie loves Balloons, or as she says, “gawoon!” We pinned them up all over the house, and every time she came across them, she had lots of fun batting them around.

I drew a picture of a cat on one of the extra balloons, and we let Pixie play with it for a while. She accidentally popped it, much to her despair, and gawoon #2 met the same fate shortly after.

Her birthday cake was a circus cake, which she loved,  probably because there were balloons and animals, two of her favorite things, on top of it. I love how Mama made it, it looks so cute! Well, it did, until we ate it 🙂

She wasn’t really sure what to do with her cake… it was cute.

Pixie didn’t have nearly as many presents as Lulu, but she did have quite a few. We got her a banana toy phone that plays lots of different melodies, a doll that’s smaller than Lulu’s, but also has blinking eyes and hair, a few board books, a snack cup, and a sippy cup. She was a little confused about how to unwrap her presents, but she got the hang of it : )

Playing with her presents


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