Ode to the Clouds

By Hannah Csanyi,

September 25 2021

In the sky, the clouds are swirling,
Drifting, wisping, beautiful.
Elegantly forming artwork,
Always new but stunning still.

Laced throughout the bright blue sky
The clouds up high seem graceful.
Detailed–yet a bit carefree
A gentle masterpiece.

Overhead the clouds are swelling,
Wisping, drifting, beautiful.
Sunshine breaks between the ruffles,
Gladly hailing all below.

Venturing into that world
Above the earth, between the skies,
Would be a dream of wonderful
And beautiful designs.

Every morning I discover
The Artist back at work!
Everytime I look again,
It’s prettier than before.

Mesmerizing, captivating,
Graceful, detailed, simple.
Witnessing to God His power,
Showing all His care.


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