Pictures of Pixie

Some of these photos are blurry-ish, but they’re sweet! These are some of the pictures I didn’t get a chance to share or post about when they happened. I bet you can’t get through this post without smiling!

She saw Lulu in out the window…
Howdy there!
Going down to the fishing dock at the cabin
I love her scrunchy smile!
*yaawn* Now I need to yawn tooooooouh…
First time playing with her banana phone present on her birthday- she loves that toy!
Playing peekaboo!
That sock just wouldn’t come off!
She was scared of the campfire, and got scared anytime anyone else went near it.
Good morning!
Newborn baby!

We all love Pixie, and she is very special to us. She’s already 14 months old, and learning all sorts of new words. She tries so hard to pronounce them right, it’s really adorable. Chocolate is always said in a revered/whispered tone of voice-“Caca, caca!” while pointing in the direction of the desired treat. Pixie can say ‘mama’ perfectly, calls Lulu “Lilla” (she can already make an L sound!) and Daddy’s name is “Dada”. She can’t quite pronounce my name though. : )

She adores her littlest big sister in a special way, copying everything Lulu does. She even bites her nails now! Pixie is a happy baby. It’s so fun to watch her grow. I still remember the first day of school last September. I was hardly able to wait till after school, when we’d be able to go visit mama in the hospital, and see our new baby brother or sister!


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