Butler’s Birthday- 11 already!

It seems only a short while ago I was writing Butler’s 10th birthday post, and here we go again!

November 8, 2020

Butler’s birthday was a Sunday this year, so he got plenty of attention (and a present or two) from aunts, uncles, grandparents and everybody else. Covid19 restrictions were just tightened in BC the day before, but thankfully, our assembly doesn’t fall under the restrictions, so we can still go to meeting for the time being. Yay!

Mama stayed up late the night before to make his cake, it turned out beautiful. She really is amazing at cakes! This is one of my favorites now, I think.

Butler loved his presents! He got a fancy pair of binoculars, and a book called ‘The Double Dangerous Book For Boys’. (Basically a handbook for anything and everything a boy could ever dream of doing or learning about, from science explosions, rubber band shooters, picking locks, stories and history to stink-bombs! He loves it. ) On a second note, now I’m not so sure its a good thing he got that book… I have a feeling that knowledge isn’t exactly going to be used in favor of me. : )

It’s a sequel to a book called ‘The Dangerous Book For Boys’, which PC got for his birthday back in June. I think they’re a really neat idea for gifts.

PC and I split the cost for two other presents, a playmobile camel-Egyptian set, and a remote-control car he had to build himself. He loves both of them, and is still thanking us for them every day : )

Other presents Butler got include an old-fashioned pocket watch, a wax stamp set, a wristwatch, and treat bag. The gift card Grandma and Grandpa C. gave him is already used, and his new playmobile set arrived a couple days ago! He’s thrilled.

For his birthday dinner, he chose to have Indian takeout. It was really good, although we ordered more than we needed. It made good leftovers for school. : )

Happy Birthday, Butler! It was really fun watching you on your birthday, I’m glad you enjoyed all you’re presents. Have fun with being eleven! I remember when I was your age. Hopefully I don’t have to worry about you passing me up in height for a while! I need to enjoy the time you’re my littler-than-me little brother, because PC’s already thinking about growing. Don’t you get any ideas! : )

One inch!

I hope this finds everyone well, just wanted to share a little bit of happiness : )

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