First Day of Homeschool

Yesterday was the first day of homeschool this year for Butler, Ricka, Hal, and QB. Oh, and my mom πŸ™‚

They got to decorate and personalize their school planners, and pasted stuff like schedules and rules inside them. I love their creativity!

Piano lessons for Butler

QB was very proud that he cut out the name on his organizer all by himself!

Ricka’s goal sheet


QB’s typing and goals- look how far he’s gotten in typing!

Us highschool kids don’t start school till Thursday and Friday, so Emma, PC, and I are working around the house and keeping Lulu and Pixie entertained and out of the way.

Emma and I made peanut-butter cookies with Lulu, which she throughly enjoyed.

Making sure the dough is well-rolled

The finished result!


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