Sleeping Under the Stars

Last week we went to a family bible camp. One of the activities was an overnight hike for the older kids that two of my brothers, PC and Butler signed up for. They enjoyed it very much and had a great time. Yesterday, PC got the idea that we could do the same thing at home, with the little ones too. So, at bedtime, everyone was geared up and ready to go with excessive amounts of bug spray, blankets, and enthusiasm. We trooped out in two groups, me in charge of the little ones plus Ricka, and PC leading the older kids plus Hal. The original plan was for my group to sleep on the trampoline and PC’s group out in one of our backyards (the willow field, as we call it). But, when I finally got my group in their sleeping bags on the trampoline and ready to sleep, I looked over to see half of my group upside down. I fixed them, and lay down to find three kids almost colliding together where my sleeping bag was supposed to be. Eventually, we gave up and went to go sleep with the other kids in the willow field. After that, everything went pretty smoothly, except for a few hiccups. It got pretty cold in the middle of the night, and QB decided to go back in the house because he was too cold. We all woke up around five at different times, and got to see the beautiful dawn. When the sun started to rise at about 5:30, we all went back to sleep because we were still pretty tired. At 7:00, we packed up all our stuff and went in the house, and because its really hard to get seven excited kids to be quiet, we accidentally woke up Mama who was still pretty tired and since she was already up preceded to tell her every little detail of our adventure at the same time, with no order at all. : )

All in all, it was a fun family experience and we would like to do it again!


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