First post…

Hi everyone! Some of you may have seen my mom’s blog, Moments and Musings. By the way, here’s the address to that:  Anyways,  my name is Dolly on her blog. I heard I was going to get a new nickname, but that hasn’t happened yet:).


This blog is going to be about daily life in a family of eight (almost nine) kids. I’m the oldest, so even though I have a few more responsibilities than my younger siblings, I also get to do stuff that I wouldn’t have been able to do, had I not been the oldest (like this blog). I’m going to use the same nicknames that my siblings have on my mom’s blog, so here’s who’s who:

Dolly (me) age 14

PC age 13

Emma age 11

Butler age 9

Ricka age 8

Hal age 6

QB (Quarterback)  age 4

LouLou   age 2

Some of the names have changed or evolved, so here’s an update: Loulou has changed from Cricket to Loulou, because that’s what we call her now. PC doesn’t want to be known as prince charming for the rest of his days, so because of his love for all things electronic, it’s changed from Prince Charming to the computer PC, which stands for Personal Computer.

Hopefully, I’ll post again soon!


  1. Cute names! I wondered what QB stood for but knew all the rest. Is that his original nicname or did he have another at one point? A. Kathy


  2. Baby number nine? 49er? Niner? Nina? Football? Don't football teams have nine players? Volleyball- nine players sometimes – or VB. Harvey. For the harvest in the book of ruth. This is fun! It will be interesting to see what kind of personality she has. That would help. A. Kathy


  3. Hi! Qb stands for quarterback-when he was a baby he got into all kinds of accidents, but he was a tough kid and it didn't faze him much:)QB is an original nickname, and I stole it from my mom's blog:)Oh yeah.. any ideas for a name for baby#nine?


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