I Am From…

 I am from cloudy skies and the lush green that is my home,
The sun bursting from rain at just the right time.
I am from afternoons that glow golden green in the summer light, leaves twinkling in the breeze.

I’m from the constant humming of a fan in the heat of the day,
the smell of sunscreen and the burst of a water balloon.
I am from the sound of feet thundering down the stairs, the chaos that is everyday life,
busy Saturdays and quiet Sundays.

I’m from crazy dinner table antics and the resulting “It’s all that sugar, isn’t it?”
Happy and loud, always noise of some kind somewhere.
I’m from my mom’s “just winging it” meals that turn out to be amazing every time,
the spice mixes that are impossible to re-create,
yet somehow always feel the same.

I am from squeaky chairs and the rustling of delicate pages.
papers steadily fanning faces,
And the rapturous singing from a thousand throats.
I’m from whispering a little too loud, the barely contained silence of big rooms,
Being lost in thought, and hanging on to every word.

I am from the smell of a brand-new book and losing myself in endless stories.
I’m from forgetting what time of day it is,
imagining wonderful worlds and remembering past ones.
I am from reading with a flashlight late at night,
vowing to be finished after just one more page.

I am from staying up way past my bedtime,
snickering under the covers and hanging upside down.
I’m from changing diapers and giving hugs,
Sharing advice, and lending an ear.
I’m from the quick glimpse of sunlight in a passing smile,
the fleeting and ever-changing moods of my charges.

I am from washing the endless dishes of the day with pruney hands,
and the heavenly scent of my favorite dish-soaps.
I’m from my blurry reflection in the kitchen window,
the girl who’s both me and not at the same time.
I’m from the lake that always appears on the counter,
damp shirt and soggy sleeves.

I am from Canada, my home. I’m from my family, my faith, and books.
I’m from chores, and my duty as a big sister,
A multitude of experiences and memories.
All my hopes, and all my dreams,
Combine into me.


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