We’re Moving!

Finally! My parents have been looking for a house to rent for quite a while now. It’s finally time to move!

The new house is about five minutes driving time from the house we’re now moving out of. This is nice for many reasons, one of them being that taking trips of stuff from one house to the other is not so much of a challenge, and we can do it more frequently. It makes moving little things and going over to clean up or prepare easier to fit into our daily schedules.

We’re planning to move in and start living at the new house somtime next week, and this Saturday is when we are planning to move everything like the furniture over. So right now we are packing up rooms, and dreading all the cleaning that’s to come.

Everyne here is excited, we can’t wait to move! This house is right in an area that the city plans to develop and build a road through, so we probably won’t stay at this house for longer than a couple years. That’s fine though, because God’s timing and plan is best! I have to remember to trust Him.

Mama and Daddy have been extremely busy these past weeks, I don’t know how they do so much! It’s really an example to us kids. Daddy has done all sorts of repairs and fixes at the new house, and Mama does just about everything: Clearing brush, putting fencing up, scrubbing rooms, vaccuuming, mopping floors, and lots more. I try to be a help, but I’m definitely not doing as much as she is!

For the first time, I’m going to be able to have my own room! I’ve always shared with at least one of my sisters. At the house we’re living in now, there are five bedrooms: a guest room, a girl’s room (Ricka, Emma, and I), a boy’s room (PC, Butler, Hal, and QB), a nursery (Lulu and Pixie), and my parent’s bedroom. The new house has seven bedrooms, one of which will be used as Daddy’s office. Now, there will only be two kids maximum to a room, and I have my own! It’s small, but I’ll have my own space, which will be really nice.

I’ll post about the house more after we’re moved in!

Official 2020 Csanyi family photo!

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