The End of 2020

The year is finally over! Here’s how we saw it off…

New Year’s Eve is probably the most looked forward to holiday on our family, maybe even above birthdays : ) It probably has something to do with staying up till midnight!! That’s a BIG deal.

New Year’s Eve prep- making Rice Krispie squares

We started the day off getting ready for our ‘party’, and at noon, we were ready to start! We put together a list of music on the computer, ranging from hymns to piano music. That played in the background for most of the day! Then we played games and had fun for the rest of the night!

Mama put together a whole table of snacks, we didn’t have lunch or dinner, only snacking on foods throughout the day.

Cheese and meat platter!
Candy!! Lulu’s favorite snack bar EVER. There were M&Ms, animal cookies, apple cider, chocolates, nuts, jelly beans, and rice krispies squares!
MY favorite snacks : )

Everyone got a few presents on New Years Eve, and I found some pictures of some of us enjoying them!

One of QB’s New Years’ present was a little science kit!
A book about kitty cats!
All about space!
One of Pixie’s presents was a little box of toys for babies her age, focused on developing certain skills. She loved it! And the box.

There were other presents that other kids got that I don’t have any pictures of, but you get the idea! Lots of fun. Daddy had them in his office for a week before New Year’s Eve, so us kids got to look at them for a whole week!

Most of us stayed up till midnight, and at midnight PC and Emma blared some horns outside! Then we all went straight to bed, because it had been a long day!

In the morning, after we all slept in, Mama made a huge brunch, which was greatly enjoyed!

Bacon, sausage, eggs, fruit, and biscuits and gravy! Delicious.

I hope everyone else had a good New Years Eve, even with covid and loneliness. It would have been so much more fun if we could have celebrated with family! We’re still grateful, though.

Enjoy 2021!

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