Snow Day!

Here in BC, it snowed on December 21, which happened to be the start of winter!

Previous to this, QB was convinced that it always snowed when winter started every year, and this didn’t help him understand that winter doesn’t always have snow! :)

What I get for trying to take a picture of PC… really, that was cold! Literally. : )

It was a rainy day, and right before lunchtime the rain thinned out into snow, and by the time we were eating, snow was starting to stick to the ground!

We were all delighted, and immediately the little kids started clamoring to get their snowsuit on (you couldn’t even make footprints in it yet at this point), and they were disappointed that they had to wait.

It looked much snowier in real life! My camera couldn’t quite figure out how to capture snowflakes.

This was also the same day Mama and Daddy had planned a lunch date, so I was left in charge of the others, with orders to keep them all inside. At this point, it was snowing rather heavily, and we were certain there would be tons of snow!

So, we had to be content in looking out the windows at the beauty of falling snow till they got back. It really was exciting seeing the snow! With covid, small things are more of a joy than they used to be, it seems.

When Mama and Daddy returned home, the snow was covering the ground, and was quite deep!

Okay, not deep deep or anything, an inch or two at the most. But still! Maybe we could make a snowman! At this point, Mama told us we could go out to play, after everyone going out was properly equipped. Boots and snowsuit were hauled out of winter storage boxes, and the mitten and hat drawers were strewn all over the entryway, in an effort to find a matching pair to their liking.

I opted to stay inside, but helped Lulu and the other little kids find everything they needed. Finally, everyone was in their snow gear, and they were off!

Snow slush made a wonderful spray everywhere, as Hal discovered!
Building snowmen
Ricka’s snowman!

I always remembered how nice it was to come in from playing in the snow to a cup of hot cocoa, so I went about getting the cups, and mixing it up while they were playing outside.

I think it’s safe to say the hot chocolate was enjoyed!

Happy Winter, everyone! Stay warm!!

Snowball fight between PC and Butler

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