QB turns six

November 30, 2020

QB was up at seven o clock sharp, waiting for mama to come down and play happy birthday. As she played the first notes, he and all his brothers came thundering down the stairs in a chaos of excitement and joy. QB was so excited! He’d been looking forward to his birthday since weeks before.

QB’s cake this year was a world map with flags on it! I think it was inspired by his homeschool geography, and Mama did a wonderful job! Figuring out how to ice the continents in the right positioning looked like a big challenge, and I think she did it perfectly! When I draw a picture of the globe, I just draw some random-shaped blobs in the water and color them green, so it’s better than I could have done… : )

Present time!!

QB’s big present was a microscope! It’s kid-sized, but it’s a real one, and he loves it! An accesory present was a bunch of microscope slides with different things like fish scales and apple on them! This was a really big present.

I just love his expressions and reactions as he opens his presents!

Treat bag

QB also likes looking at different flags of countries, so he got a book of flags! He immediately disappeared into it.

A wax seal set, just like Butler’s! It came with two metal seals, a bunch of wax, and a thingy-magig for melting the wax.
Eating cream puffs
Pixie loves zuchinni….

This is the back of Pixie’s name card, that was placed at her spot. She loves pictures! It kept her quite after she finished her food, which was a nice change!

Pixie liked looking at the balloons and other decorations- she still loves them! Recently, she’s been learning about colors. Yellow is one that she’s pretty comfortable with identifying-“Lellow!”

QB got the biggest one…

Balloon swords! These were fun to make. And even funner to play with! Somehow, QB always won, though… I wonder if that might of had something to do with it being his birthday? : )

Some of the balloons were crazy big! I think the package came with two different sizes, which was neat! I expected it to pop any second, but it wasn’t actually that tight!

Much bigger than Ricka’s head! wow!

Mama’s name tag- I love how they were all personalized! I think Emma made them for everyone’s spot. It really makes a birthday dinner seem more special, and more of an occasion.

Prawn shrinp and coleslaw-delicious!

QB chose fish n’ chips for his birthday dinner, and it was really good! It was pretty greasy though. I remember I used to always pick this meal for my birthday, it was my favorite! Everyone was full by the time we were finished. And we even had leftovers!

Happy Birthday, QB! You’ve grown so big, I can’t wait to see what your future holds. We love you!

“Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them around the tables of thine heart” Proverbs 3:3

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