Last monday, Mama and Daddy took all the kids except for Ricka, Hal, Lulu, QB and me to the consulate for american citizenship appointments. (We’re applying for dual citizenship) Today, it was PC and Emma that had appointments. I’ve already gone, so I stayed behind to babysit some of the kids, so mama and daddy didn’t have to take everybody again.

And this is what kept us busy while they were gone:

Of course, we did other stuff too, like a little bit of schoolwork and some tidying up, but I think one of the main factors of their willing cooperation and eager help was the promise of making art : )

The finished projects:

By Hal
By Lulu
By Ricka

I’ve been loving the autumn weather, the trees are all breathtaking. Its frustrating how in person, the beauty is so different than in a mere photo. Oh well, I can still enjoy the colors while they last.


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