Our Cabin Trip- Travelling into B.C.

I have procrastinated posting about our big trip this September, because there’s so much to write! So I’ve decided to just write about our travels, adventures, and excitement of our road trip for now. Enjoy!

In total, the trip took us around 14 hours, with eight hours of just driving. With nine kids, the bathroom breaks and stretch-out-the-kinks-in-your-legs stops really start to add up.

The night before we left (Technically, it was more like very very early in the morning, I think I finally went to bed after helping Mama pack and clean around 1:30 AM) we finished packing everything into the car except for the perishable food coolers, and a few other things which we had to leave until morning.We were planning on leaving right around 6:30 AM.

We all got up around 5:20-30, and started packing the rest of the stuff in the car. We ended up leaving around 7:20 (which is still a good time) It took a little longer than we expected to load the stuff and people in the van. –

Everyone was super excited! We got to witness a beautiful sunrise as we finished getting in the car and started driving.

We headed into the sunrise and stopped in Chiliwack for breakfast.

Once we got through Hope, we turned onto Highway 1, and followed the Fraser river as it wound through its canyon

Listening to a cd in the car together- the one we were listening to then was Irish music. QB got to choose the music that time, he loves the fiddles and the energetic tunes.

Next, we met the tunnels. Daddy challenged us to memorize the tunnel names in the order we found them, and see if anyone could remember them on the way back. Ricka and a few other kids even got out a paper and pencil to record them.

Sleepy baby
Fussy baby- locked in her prison.

For lunch, we went to Hungry Herbie’s, which is in Cache Creek, a small town. It was delicious. Hungry Herbie’s is a diner that serves really good burgers, sandwhiches, onion rings, hotdogs, and a variety of sandwiches. They also had milkshakes, which we didn’t see until later. A more famous burger they have is called the Monster Burger, PC was one of the kids who tried it. It got some pretty glowing reports.

This picture is one of my favorites from the trip

Prince George is about half an hour from the cabin house, and we stopped there for a huge grocery trip before continuing on our way. Mama and Daddy had a list of food we were going to bring with us, and another list of food that we were going to purchase in Prince George. (We didn’t need to keep items like cottage cheese and gallons of milk in the car for 14 hours.)

Running around the back of the parking lot in a vacant couple of spots to stretch out their legs while Daddy was shopping for groceries.

Dinner was snacks, stuff like meats, cheeses, oranges, bread, which we ate while finishing up packing groceries into the car

The sunset in Prince George- it looked like the sky was on fire. Lulu took this picture! I held my tablet and she got to press the button. She was very proud of how it turned out!

I think by the time we pulled into the driveway of the cabin it was close to 10:00 PM. Everyone was wide awake and excited as we unloaded everything inside.

We figured out who was sleeping where, and went straight to bed. I, for one was exhausted, but couldn’t wait to see what tomorrow held!

The next few days were full of fun and adventure. Emma had her 13th birthday, we went fishing, and lots more! We all really enjoyed getting away and travelling through our beautiful outdoors! Maybe someday I’ll upload some photos of the rest of our vacation..


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