Home Sweet Home

We currently live on five acres, and we have dogs, chickens, cats, and sheep.
Most of the property is made up of small fields. We do have one big field that’s probably two acres, and that’s where the sheep usually graze. That field is behind our barn. In front of the barn, there’s about three small fields that have lots of trees, and these fields surround the house and driveway.
It’s really beautiful on our property, especially in spring and summer.
There are also two small-ish ponds, which a myriad of frogs (loudly) call home. In the warm months, sometimes we spot a heron or a family of ducks there as well.
We have many willow trees on our property. They’re big, too. At one point, I counted over eight in the front area of our property. In late afternoon, the hanging leaves catch the sunlight, and everything has a golden-green glow. It’s breathtaking.
In springtime, we have several trees that blossom, but only two actually produce cherries in the summer. we also have two old apple trees, and they are twisted and bent. They bloom every year, but rarely give much fruit.
Early morning sunshine- This is from a while ago, before the world went into isolation. I was waiting for the school bus at our gate, with PC. It was even more beautiful in person. The camera does not do it justice.
I took this picture when I was watching the sheep in the back field. The sky was so blue, and with the clouds marbled through, I like how it turned out.
Ground covering flowers by the house- they’re everywhere this time of year! I think they’re called periwinkles, but I could be wrong.
Scout and Molly love playing in that field Scout’s standing by. We call it the willow field, because of how many grow there.


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