Six Months Old! (March 4th)

Pixie passed this milestone over a month ago, but due to current circumstances, we couldn’t get a professional picture taken. So, I looked through my (very long) camera roll, and found some photos that are almost as good, taken around the time she was six months old.
Pixie is an energetic little girl, and always on the go (or trying to be) When she was six months old, she was almost able to sit up on her own, but she needed a person there. now, she’s very close to crawling, and can sit up all by herself. She loves her people, and loves being held. This can cause a problem sometimes, because if she’s constantly occupying a kid, this said kid “misses out” on jobs and chores, and holding Pixie can soon turn into a get-out-of-work ticket.
Life has been busier for the better ever since she was born, and we love her very much. I can’t imagine life before Pixie, and I don’t know what we’d do if we didn’t have her in our lives. she is constanltly teaching me lessons on how to be a better big sister, and how to have grace, patience, and to be more caring to others. We love you Pixie!

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