Pixie Pictures

Pixie is getting so big now! She is six months old, almost seven, and can sit on her own, as long as a big person is there to make sure she doesn’t faceplant.

Pixie loves playing peekaboo. She is so sweet! She will giggle sometimes, or smile, and it is so cute. Her two bottom teeth have come in completely, but she is still getting used to the taste of baby food.

Pixie loves having all her siblings home, and is enjoying all the extra attention. Spring break ended here for us last week and while we are waiting to hear from the teachers,  my mom is helping us do some subjects, sort of like homeschooling but without all the stress of falling behind, or trying to meet deadlines.
I don’t have any good pictures of  Pixie sitting, but I took this one when she was trying to get to me, so it’s a little blurry because she was moving.
Pixie is very smart. Sometimes, one of us will say “bye-bye” and wave at her, and she will try to reach us , because she knows we are leaving her. She can also sort of wave, if she wants to and it’s adorable, because her arm sort of jerks when someone waves at her, and she tries so hard to wave back!
The weather here is alternating between beautiful sunny days, and gloomy rainy ones.
A peek outside right now:

Spring is really here where we are. Everything is green and beautiful, and I’m glad that we are home to enjoy it. 
Stay safe!


  1. It was at my school, before the whole pandemic.:) I was watching her for a bit, because we were doing parent teacher interviews. I wondered if anyone would notice:)


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