Saturday Stroll

Last Saturday, we went on an impulsive walk to the park. My dad was out shopping, so we arranged for him to come and join us for lunch. So, all ten of us packed up and set out on the long journey.
We have a two-seat stroller, so Lulu didn’t have to do much walking
They couldn’t wait to get started! This was taken about 10 minutes before we actually started the walk.
Crossing the street, we all had to find a buddy and stay close, so there were no stray children running across the street
We made it to the park. I think it took over 30 minutes, but it was totally worth it.
A sky window!
Hal turned seven last month. He’s getting so big!
The seesaw
The spinny-cup thing that every kid loves.
Playing Bocce
Pixie tried out the baby swing. We weren’t sure if she would, but she loved it! She was so happy when we swung her.
 Pixie is a very talkative baby. She will squeal experimentally just to see what happens, and she is at her happiest when surrounded by chaos and noisy energy.
(aka her siblings)
Lulu loved the park.
It was such a sunny day, perfect for a walk. It was a little windy, but not anything extreme. My dad joined us at the park with lunch, but after, he had to leave early to finish errands for Sunday. He took a while to leave, though. He would say he’s going, then he would say something else and we’d get caught up in a new conversation. This happened at least three times. 🙂
Looking for acorns
I love how picturesque and peaceful everything looks in this picture.
It was a fun outing, and I hope we do it again soon!


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