Sunday, February 23, 2020


Today, it's the birthday of one of the most hard-working, unselfish, and loving people I know.
My mother is turning 38 today, and she's been a mom for just over 15 years, constantly taking care of me and my siblings. She doesn't get much praise for her work as a mom, but we all know she deserves it. It's hard to imagine life without her. Whenever I'm feeling upset, she knows just how to make me feel better. If you've ever tasted her cooking, you'd know that it's delicious. She spends extra time before birthdays creating a beautiful cake just to make the birthday special.
The most recent cake she made was Hal's, which was under a week ago:

Photo credit goes to Emma- from her blog

My 5th Birthday

One of the few things I remember when I broke my arm at three years old is my mom there taking care of me. She went with me in the ambulance, and I remember her there in the x-ray room. 

Sometimes, we take her for granted a little, and forget to thank her or really appreciate what she does for us.
Happy Birthday Mama! We love you!


  1. On my blog I used the same picture as you did because she is holding me in her arms. (The title picture)

  2. Her children arise up and call her blessed