Five months old!

Pixie moved from my parents room into the nursery with Loulou, and this is her in her new bed.
She was squirming and cooing in this picture, so I’m surprised at how good it turned out:)
Try to look at her without smiling…
Sleepy baby
Pixie is five months old today, and she’s growing fast. She can roll from her tummy to her back, and occasionally rolls from her back to her tummy as well. She hasn’t sat up yet, but you can tell that she’s thinking about it. Once in a while, when she sees something she wants, Pixie will do a half sit up. She’s  still cute no matter what she does, and really is a pretty baby.
 It’s hard to believe you are five months old already, Pixie, but at the same time, have we only had you for five short months?

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