Birthday Fever

Yesterday was my birthday, and the day before that was my dad’s. If you’ve seen my mom’s blog you might remember that about ten years ago, my dad started giving her day presents. Seven days before I turned seven years old, I got my first day present, and every birthday since, I’ve received them. When each of my siblings turn seven (well, a week before they turned seven) they get day presents as well. Hal will be seven in February:) This year, I turned 15, so that’s how many I got.
Day one
A few of my other day presents- I didn’t take pictures of them all
Day fifteen 
And yes, my mom is still getting day presents. She is turning 38 on February 23, so she’s been getting them for about two weeks now this year.
A few of her days 

We were too busy to try to do 40 day presents for my dad, so we went with 10 Days for him.

Days 1 through 9
Nine kids plus my mom equals ten day present tags:)
There’s one for each of us.
Day ten
At the beginning of this week, my siblings started getting the flu. Hal was first and then by Tuesday  there was 6 kids down. Emma, Pixie, me, and my parents were the only ones not sick. There’s a pretty quick recovery though, so Hal was better by Tuesday.
Wednesday was my dad’s birthday. Everyone was recovering, but not quite better. Thursday morning, my birthday, everyone seemed over it. Mama prepared a big delicious breakfast of waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.  My stomach felt kind of “off” afterwards, but I figured that was because I was full. Super full. I went to school, was fine all morning, and then my mom picked me up at lunch and  we went to Subway for a birthday lunch:) it was really fun, but after she dropped me back off at school for my next classes,  I started feeling sick. Not much at first, but by last block, it was full on nausea. Mama was out shopping, so my dad picked me up at school early and brought me home. I  lost my lunch, breakfast, and anyhing else, and couldn’t even open my presents at dinnertime, I was so nauseus. I went to bed early, and slept hard all night.
 I feel much much better today, very refreshed, and I’ve kept down the tea and yogurt I ate this morning.
So hopefully, that’s that’s end of it. 
We were going to have fish and chips for my birthday dinner, but since greasy food is not good for people getting over sickness, and I wasn’t going to eat anyways, we skipped it. We will probably have that in the next few days.
I have to wait for the other kids to come home from school so I can open my presents, so I get to stare at and wonder what they are for another day… 🙂
The End

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