New Years Eve

Finally! It was that special time of year, the holiday that every kid in our family dreams of! (no, it’s not Christmas.)

In case you missed the title of this post for some reason, it’s New Years Eve. ๐Ÿ™‚
Last year (2019), about a month before Burbank conference, my parents asked us all whether we wanted to go on the train to Burbank, and give up New Years presents, or not go on the train, and have gifts instead. Of course, we all chose the train trip, and that was a blast!

While we were having this discussion, I had an idea. What if I got little presents for everyone, since they wouldn’t be expecting it? It was just an idea, but everything worked out well and with a little help from Grandma C. (she took me to the store so that I didn’t have to try to sneak-buy presents in front of my siblings and parents), I had my presents all ready to go on New Years Eve. Most of my siblings knew I had something up my sleeve, but they had no idea what it was, so they had no proof I had a secret.

I had babysitting on the day of New Years Eve, but only in the morning till 4 o’clock pm, so I got home just in time for dinner and the party. We usually have an early dinner and then various snacks and treats served throughout the night, so it worked out well that I got home when I did.

After dinner, we tidied up the house a little bit, put onย  some fiesta music, andย  served the snacks. The party was starting! We had a lot of snacks. We are still eating some, like mini donuts and pepperoni sticks.

At around 10:00, I passed out my presents. They loved them! I gave my mom a porcelain bird, and my dad got an appetizer cookbook. I gave PC a snap circuit set, where he could make a whole bunch of interesting things, and Emma got a verse plaque, and a really cute camera necklace. Butler got CDs for his CD player that he got for his birthday, and Ricka got a flower necklace and a bracelet, along with a bible puzzle book. Hal and QB got bible coloring books, and stickers, and Lulu got a book about Jonah.
Even Pixie got a present! I got her a board book about a duckling that was really cute.
They all loved the presents ๐Ÿ™‚

Basically, we just had fun and snacks all night long.
At midnight, we all went outside, and PC played on his trumpet a little. We heard fireworks from our neighbors, and everyone was making noise!
Then, it was bed time. We all brushed our teeth and went to bed, ready to start the new year.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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