Serious Case of the Blogging Slumps

*This post is VERY late. I wrote it Nov- December, 2019…

There’s nothing really exciting happening right now, just normal everyday life. Cold everyday life.
Last week, I think it reached -7 degrees one night. At the meeting room on Sunday, it started snowing at lunchtime, and stopped right after lunchtime. None of it stuck, but it was pretty while it lasted.

Saturday the 30th (of November) was Qb’s 5th birthday! He wanted noodles and sauce for his birthday dinner, so the next day we had a pasta bar with about five different types of noodles, and different sauces that we made ourselves. I made a pesto sauce, my mom made a Bolognese sauce and a cheddar sauce, and my dad made a seafood Alfredo with scallops, shrimp and salmon, and a regular Alfredo sauce as well. It was all really good, but of course we made way too much and will be eating it for the next week (okay maybe not the whole week, but you get the picture)

There’s not really anything else in particular to post about. Life is about as not-exciting as 9 kids living in the same house can get. No big explosions, fires, or injuries. I have to write something, because I haven’t posted in almost two whole weeks.

If you are bored of seeing me not post, check out my mom’s blog. She’s a way better writer than I am, and there’s all sorts of embarrassing moments she posted of me when I was little. : ) My mom hasn’t posted much recently, (neither have I, for that matter) because normal everyday life is super busy at our house, but it’s always fun to go back and laugh at things my siblings and I did and said when we were younger.

Pixie’s getting cuter everyday. One of these days she’ll actually laugh out loud. She makes all sorts of noises, from cooing to gurgling to squalling. She is still figuring out how tickling works, though. She’ll get it eventually. I go to tickle Pixie under her chin, or under her arm, and she makes a really confused chuckling sound that is absolutely adorable.

I’ve been writing this post over the course of a few days, *(months) so that’s why it’s all over the place. It is currently Sunday the eighth of December, and everything I wrote before this was over the last couple days.

Lulu and QB were playing under the table this afternoon, pretending that it was a fort.

Lulu: “Can I come in?”
Qb: “if you say the magic word…”
Lulu: “please?”
QB: (in an exasperated tone) “Noo, Lulu.
Lulu: “When what is it?”
QB: “k, say it afteh me: Six oh foe,”
Lulu: “six oh fow”
QB: “five, seven, two
Lulu”fav seven too!”
QB: “abacadabwa…”
Lulu: “abacdabwa.”
QB: “May I please.”
Lulu: May I please!
QB: “Good job! Ok, come in Lulu!

In case you missed anything, the new magic word is
604-572-abracadabra-May I Please.

 Lulu’s sense of humour

Driving home from shopping last night, we were talking about how everyone had to hurry up and take baths and showers for meeting the next day. Emma was assigned the job of getting the three little kids above Pixie a bath.

Lulu: “Bubble baths are daindwis because the bubbles will make my haiar all fluffy.”
Me: “So you don’t want a bubble bath?”
Lulu: I do! I will just be vewy caeful and not get them on my haiar
Emma: “I’m not going to give you a bubble bath. Just a regular one.”
Lulu: “when who’s giving me a bath?”


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