Monday, November 4, 2019

Pixie Progress- Two Months Old!

Its hard to believe that our little Pixie is already two months old. On September fourth she joined our family, and I can still remember that day. School had just started the day before, and she was born very early in the morning. Before Pixie was born, us kids told mama and daddy that they couldn't tell us the name or gender until we visited the baby at the hospital. We went to school like normal, and had to wait the whole school day in suspense! After school, we changed into either a blue or pink shirt, depending on if we thought it was a girl or boy, and drove off to meet our little sister. We were so excited!

 That was exactly two months ago. :)
She's getting cuter by the day, and we love every minute with her. Okay, we don't love the fussy moments so much, but she's cute no matter what she does.

                      She smiles and coos a lot now. It's super cute!

                                 She's "talking "


  1. Such a cutie! A. Kathy

  2. She looks just like your sister with the same color hair A christina