West Coast Railway Heritage Park

Last Saturday, we went to spend the day as a family at the West Coast Railway Heritage Park.

We were dressed and out the door by about 8:30. We stopped along the way for breakfast, and then continued on  the hour and a half long trip to Squamish, where the park is located. Before we arrived,  we stopped at a grocery store and my parents bravely took all eight of us through the store to buy food for our picnic lunch of cold cuts, different cheeses, fruit, and more.
Most of the trip was travelling up the mountain right by the ocean, so we had a beautiful view that was extremely hard to take pictures of, since we were on the opposite side of the highway.
By the time we finally got there, it was about noon and we were starting to get hungry.
So, after exploring a bit and taking some pictures…
PC and Emma got a little carried away here..
…We settled down for a huge picnic lunch. We had so much food! After lunch, we were set free to go explore as we pleased. There were more than a dozen trains that were actually working trains years and years back. They were set up so people could go inside and see what the trains used to look like. It was so interesting!
Later, we all went on a miniature train ride, which was about 3 km long. It was cute and we had a beautiful view of a nearby river. There were so many pretty flowers and flower bushes wherever I looked!
After that, we explored some more before going into the gift shop.
Earlier, we had gone in there to buy tickets to the mini train, and the cashier had showed us some paper bags filled with toy trains. She told us that there was a place in the train park where the little kids could play with the trains, and if they brought them back, they would get a prize. We were going to do that after the mini train ride.
So, we got the bags, and the little kids had a blast playing with the trains and train tracks.
The train bags were free, so all we had to do was take them back after we were done playing with
It was a super fun family adventure, and I think we all enjoyed it a lot, despite the hour and a half long drive there and back. This post is a little belated,  so I probably missed some details, but hopefully you enjoyed this!


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